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Fri. May 30th – Phoenix Jagger Live at The Drynk SoHo

Phoenix jagger drynk

Tampa EDM + Tampa Outshyne + The Drynk Soho Present:Release Fridays at Drynk3d 5/30/14

w/ Phoenix Jagger

Phoenix Jagger is a 21 year old rising Superstar from a small town on the beach. In his quest to break out of his small town upbringing, Phoenix has emerged himself into one of the hottest EDM scenes in The United States in Orlando, Florida. Phoenix has a thirst for musik that will never be quenched. Phoenix has always related to this art of musik and performing throughout his life. Recently Phoenix has found that making and producing music is a true passion of his. Phoenix has been DJ’ing for over 4 years now and has had the opportunity to meet and mix with some of the most talented artists in the world whom he not only looks up to but listens to daily. At such a young age Phoenix has been playing along side artists that most people can only dream of, but remains humble to his roots on how he got here.

Phoenix has earned himself a full time residency at one of the top Nightclubs in the country at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to his relationship with The Evolve Group, who is the largest promotional team in Central Florida, The Evolve Group hosts the largest EDM shows at the best venues in Orlando, and they have teamed up and entrusted Phoenix with his outstanding talents on the decks to enhance their shows and productions. Phoenix can be seen playing any number of shows throughout Florida at any top venue, and he is always about meeting his fans and celebrating the music together.

Phoenix lives for being on a stage and connecting with the crowd. With the speakers rumbling threw the club, Phoenix will drop anything from FILTHY Dub-Step Bangerz to bone Chilling House Anthems, or the Smooth Sultry sounds of Miami Tech, Phoenix can throw down a little of everything to please the needs of ANY crowd and any musical craving. Phoenix lives and believes in his theory to Live, Dream, Think & safe to say, Bleed musik. Phoenix is looking forward to pursuing his DREAM of becoming one of the best DJ’s, Performers, & Producers in this world.

One day it will come true….

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