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Mixin Dixie

Mixin Dixie

Get ready for the new sounds of the south that are modern country music’s two new bad boys! MIXIN DIXIE!

Barry Carew and Cliff Brown as individuals have been tastemakers in the modern country music world for the last 5 years. Barry Carew as one of the most sought after DJ’s/Producers touring with major country and pop acts, and Cliff Brown a Grammy Award Winning producer as well as a Songwriter/Performer. Barry and Cliff have been on the pulse of remixed country music for years. They are some of the only producers and mixers creating that “NEW COUNTRY SOUND.” Because of this, they combined to form “MIXIN DIXIE”. A two man, beat machine driven, guitar playing, keyboard banging, turntable spinning, lyrical party that is Mixin Dixie! Expect the unexpected, big beats, big breaks, big horns, and big lyrics that will set any party ablaze! Welcome to Mixin Dixie, welcome to the new age of country music.

One thing that has always drawn people to music is innovation. People who innovate new trends, or items are know as inventors. Mixin Dixie was formed by two music industry inventors.

As modern country music has began to collide with mainstream culture two people have been carving this path to collision for years. DJ Barry Carew as one of the United States authorities on Country Remixes and Country Mash-Ups, and his band mate, “Cliff Brown”, a grammy award winning producer that has worked with some of the biggest artists in the music game. The two artists came together to form “MIXIN DIXIE” as a new and modern approach to country music.

With the ability to write, perform, and produce all its own music in-house, the heavy baselines, with fun and upbeat lyrics breath life into any country-music lovers playlist. From mind blowing live remixes, to songs that hit home, or make you dance, Mixin Dixie is the real deal in new styles of country music.

The duo is fun and unscripted live, yet professional and poised in the studio. The musical content and beats are on par with the biggest performers in country music today.

Mixin Dixie as a band has it all, so sit back, relax, drop the tailgate, and welcome to the world largest pasture party. Welcome to the new sounds of MIXIN DIXIE.

Band Interests

Family, God, Good Music, Sports, Cold Beer, and America.

Basic Info

Genre Country – Modern Country – New South

Members Barry Carew and Cliff Brown

Hometown Tampa, FL

Record Label Indie

Influences We are the new sound of the south, Mixin Dixie is based on two very talented producers and musician that have came together to not only create big beats and massive sounds, but to use the fact that Barry and Cliff are in the bars and nightclubs playing events every night. They are making what the people want and what makes the girls get out and dance. Mixin Dixie is making tunes that dont just sound good in a song writers meeting at a coffee shop in Nashville, but what gets the people up and dancing at the honkey tonks and bars! This is the future of country music and the New Southern Sounds that are MIXIN DIXIE!

Current Location Tampa, FL

Contact Info

Email [email protected]

Website http://www.mixindixie.com

Press Contact [email protected]

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